Call Center IVR

At itPBX, we understand that your time is valuable along with the call center representatives you employ.  As such, we have created an Interactive Voice Response system for call center environments that takes the pain out of getting calls routed to the proper departments.  Overall, this solution has a wide range of benefits for customers during heavy call times and those clients seeking easy answers to common questions.

IVR through itPBX is an innovative solution that keeps callers engaged while assisting them with their needs.  Callers can access available information through the use of a digital receptionist who takes utilizes caller input in order to offer informational guidance, take payments and direct calls to appropriate parties.

Benefits for Callers

  • Callers can speak to an informational recording that can provide information after the end of business hours.  
  • Self-service functionality lets callers hit a number to be directed to the proper department.
  • Callers aren’t subject to human error in getting to appropriate parties.

Benefits for Companies

This interactive calling solution gives your customers and information seekers the ability to call in and be easily directed to parties by extension, last name or department.  This provides an interactive environment that callers can use with their voice or hitting numbers on their phone’s keypad.  

Smaller Company Solutions

This solution is perfect for smaller companies who aren’t yet able to afford the services of a large call center environment.  Instead of bogging down existing staff members with calls from customers who need directions or simple questions answered, the IVR solution is a much less expensive option that hiring a receptionist.  

Larger Company Solutions

For owners of larger companies, call volume can be consistently high during peak times.  Customers can use the automated system to make payments, get necessary information and get personalized customer interactions.

Callers can quickly be connected with available agents using the itPBX interactive voice response technology.  All the while, you remain completely in control and can make changes on the fly as well as specialized features for holidays.

With itPBX, you have two solutions for optimizing the effectiveness of your call center environment:

  • Basic IVR Services: This option offers easy to create and manage menus, self service options created for callers and the ability to allow the call center manager the option to change the system’s functionality.
  • eIVR: This solution is for large, enterprising companies that wish to allow callers the ability to use speech in their interactions with the system.  It provides a powerful resource that can offer data access from various sources.

If you wish to streamline your customer flow, contact us at 1-844-500-1174 today and discuss your options with one of our trained specialists.