Internet Phone Service

Using internet phone service technology through itPBX is a more cost-effective means of making and taking phone calls.  Using voice-over-IP technology, your call is transmitted as data over your existing internet connection.  This is a less expensive option for businesses who want to modernize their calling systems, offer ease of use to staff members and provide value to their customers.

With VoIP, you can eliminate phone jacks and other unnecessary equipment.  Using this technology, you have an adapter that plugs into your modem.  Calls are transmitted through data packets over the internet.  As a result, you save a lot of money because this is cheaper than making international calls through other means.

Using itPBX’s virtual office system, you will have the complete, affordable package that is consistently available through your existing internet service.  

The Service Works Wherever You Are

If you are on the go or employ staff members that travel, they can access the same system for making calls as long as there is an internet connection present.  Whether you are on the road, in a hotel or at your home office, this easy to use solution allows you to remain easily reached by your clients.

You won’t need bulky equipment taking up valuable space in order to receive the advanced phone features offered by this solution.

Everyone is United Under One System

Under one phone system all of your representatives can have easy access to the same advanced features.  This is essential for companies that employ individuals who live in different geographical locations or those who work from home.  You can simplify the way you do your business and save money simultaneously with one monthly invoice.  You will also enjoy the easy to use web interface that gives you the opportunity to manage the functions of the phone system for your business.

Impress Your Clients

Phone systems that utilize your internet connection will impress your customer base, but will also work to serve them in a more effective manner.  Customers calling in can access advanced features like an automated receptionist, conference calling and hold music while they wait.  This will provide the customer experience they deserve while saving you money.

Smartphone Technology

With the use of smartphones, users can download the itPBX VoIP app and turn any modern cell phone into an office phone for on-the-go.  Using this service, you will never miss another important phone call.

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