Emergency Features

Rest securely in safety and emergency features including emergency notification and incident reporting. Our all-encompassing safety systems bring a wide variety of features that help businesses keep their employees safe. With the priority of safety and affordability, we provide emergency priority systems, disaster recovery options, incident management and reporting, and seamless communication to give you the security you deserve at a price you can afford.



Notifications are quickly and easily sent to anyone through our simple paging, calling, or emailing capabilities. These notifications can be sent to as few as one person, and as many as everyone depending on your needs. 

Instant Communication

Use itPBX’s safety systems to plan ahead for disasters and emergencies by programming options for call routing in emergencies or disaster recovery. With full and instant communication between systems, feel secure before an incident happens.

Seamless Collaboration

Keep employees, stakeholders, and customers alerted to any important information using our instantaneous and seamless collaboration system.