Phone Applications with itPBX


Secure calls from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Bring your work with you with our premier phone applications. Each app gives you flexibility to work from your mobile phone, desktop, or any other device. Our multiple options fit your business and give you the ability to work wherever you go or keep your work in the office.

itPBX Mobile

When availability is important, take your work with you on your mobile phone with our easy to use mobile functions. Make calls or text with our reliable service even when you are away from your office.

itPBX Desktop

Combine mobile features with desktop software to enable you to text or make calls from your desktop computer. Our software will make it easy to instantly access our entire system with a click of a button.

itPBX Web Calls

Eliminate the necessity for physical phones by using our fully integrated web calls. Access your voicemails through your emails with our voice to email technology.

Flexibility for On-the-go Productivity

Work From Home

Set up a home office with itPBX integrated systems.

Add Remote Offices

Use our systems to add remote offices wherever and whenever you need them with little hassle.

Work From Anywhere

Use our mobile systems to send or receive calls from your mobile phone or device wherever you are.

Special Features


Always feel secure from outside penetration with our encrypted communication technology.


Your business contacts are always at the tip of your fingers with our streamlined directory.


Expand your communication with our text/SMS capabilities.

Presence Monitoring

See if your coworkers or employees are already on a call before calling them.

HD Quality

itPBX always functions with high HD quality to improve the clarity of your calls by using smart technology to monitor the optimal data transfer rate for your call.

Location Monitoring

Use our geofencing capabilities on your mobile device to divert calls when you are at home. Set up rules that fit with your specific needs and circumstances.