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VoiP Phone Services

Take a Closer Look at the Unique VoIP and PBX Advantage

With the technological advancements these days, businesses can take full advantage of exceptional service qualities of communication systems available in the market. Two of the most common options for communications that many businesses use today are the Voice over IP (VoIP) and Private Branch Exchange (PBX).

Business leaders and IT professionals have recognized the benefits of VoIP and PBX not only in today’s business and IT industry but also in the future. To gain a better understanding of their reliability and value, it is crucial to identify each of their specific advantages, especially for the future.

The VoIP Advantage

  • Cost Savings. One of VoIP’s most attractive features is its cost-saving potential. The use of VoIP allows the voice traffic to travel over private lines of data network or on the internet, rather than being processed across traditional commercial telecommunication line configurations. Because you are managing only one network and there is no need to sustain any legacy telephone system, significant net savings are achieved.
  • Phone Portability. VoIP is providing number mobility which allows you to use similar number virtually anywhere, so long as it has appropriate IP connectivity. Businesses these days bring their softphones or IP phones when they travel and are using similar numbers anywhere.
  • There is No Geographical Boundary. Virtualizing the VoIP service without geographical limit has been made possible. This means that the country code or area code is not anymore bound to a certain location. For instance, you live in Japan but subscribe to a phone number in the United States, which allows your U.S. calls become domestic calls although you live in Japan.

The PBX Advantage

  • Minimize Business Cost. Companies are now using PBX to minimize business cost. Rather than having a single phone line for every department or office which are just used for a fraction of time, businesses can reduce this to just a few telephone lines using the PBX while still having a phone unit in every office.
  • Comes with Exceptional Features. Hosted PBX systems come in a wide range of features, which include calling screen, calling groups, auto-attendant and so much more. Changing valuable features though the web portal is also very easy. This allows users to enjoy greater reliability and usability of the phone system.
  • Reconfigurations and Moves are Much Simpler. Subtracting and adding users and moving office can be remotely administered through a web portal in a very simple and easy way. When you have a PBX phone system that is hosted in the cloud, there is no on-site management. This means that you can reconfigure and move just anywhere you are.

Businesses throughout different industries continue to require a reliable computer network. With this necessity, companies have started to recognize the benefits of VoIP and PBX as reliable communication systems and great solutions for organizations.

No matter what size of business you have, whether it is a start-up or you have been in the industry for years, VoIP and PBX are wonderful communication systems that will assist you in achieving business success.